First Post!

Because there has to be a first post right?

I’m still trying to figure out if everything should be in one blog or if I should use the blog for personal thoughts and then breakout more pages for media (book, movie, tv-show, music reviews) and then maybe a page for gaming (because even though I don’t play online it would probably still be fun to post things like my what my dungeons and dragons group goes through when we meetup and of course what i’m doing in video games when i get the time to play. Boy that was one hell of a run-on sentence, egh? Crazy. Anyway, I could also do a vehicle/carpenter page to talk about what i’m workin on in my garage and home as i work to improve my crack house and broke-down vehicles. I don’t really have a crack house and broke down vehicles, but i bought a fixer-upper and it is an interesting experience. Also my vehicles are all used vehicles. I sold my nice new chevy silverado back to the dealer in order to get rid of a vehicle payment, but bought a truck from my dad to help him out with finances and he bought me a jeep off his cousin (yeah makes no sense to me either). So ramble ramble ramble, since this is a blog, this post is legal! lol. Okay I’ll think more on it. I may do separate pages, unless you are intensely into me you’re not going to want to know or even care about everything in my life and I do feel a slight need to keep things organized (properly separated) Okay! for now I’m out of here. Today was really meant for setting up the WordPress website and that seem pretty much done for now. Okay I may come back in a bit to set up the other pages, we’ll see.


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