Entertainment Tonight

I feel like reading more of my book. I also feel like watching the second episode of Legion (I am so lost after the first episode). But I also need to get to work early tomorrow. No one is telling me to but I have deadlines to meet and the only way I can think to do that is to come in extra early to get a jump on things. That being said. I’m sitting here typing on my new blog instead of crawling into bed. Hmm. I also need to refill my pill box, get my uniforms ready to drop off to the cleaners in the morning. I still need to swing by an ATM to get cash out to have my jeep inspected, and registration renewed. Oy… If you haven’t figured it out by now this blog is probably going to be more me thinking outloud (so to speak) instead of addressing current affairs or what not. I guess I’ll read a little. I  have a light that lets me do that in bed. I need to hurry up and posts in the other pages I made. Saw some good shows today. APB, that was amazing. Ransom wasn’t bad. Blue Bloods is always good. And Legion just left me so confused. But more on that later. Maybe tomorrow evening. Okay time to go. Going to jump ( probably crawl or even slide) into bed and do some reading. Night…


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