Seriously, how does anyone do their own “About” page? Okay lets try this. So I’ve come to realize that I am into way too many things. That is why, if you follow my social media links, you’ll see that for the most part I’ve changed my usernames to “Dabbling Madman”. I’m in to so much it’s like I only have enough time to dabble in each one.

Gamers can run every game you put in front of them and return it back to the store, most of the time within the same week as they bought it. I like to go sightseeing through Skyrim on my PS4.

Audiophiles can tell you when and where an album was produced, who wrote it, who was on each instrument (if it had instruments) and probably how many different recorded variations there are of any particular song in their library (seriously its freaky). I enjoy the lyrics on some the melody of all of them, music speaks to me on another level, not in an urge to know every fact about it’s production, but more as a source of energy and emotion for me. I have all kinds of media, digital, physical (including analog cassettes and even records). I rarely stream because I hate commercials.

Bibliophiles have grand collections of books and read probably one or two books a day (something like that). I read slow, and I prefer to enjoy the books I read, if I’m reading a book for the purpose of finishing it, then I think i’ve forgotten about the story within. But I read slow, not by choice, but because that’s just the way I read.

Jeeps, I own one and you may see a post or two about my journey in working on it. I love to work on my Jeep I love my jeep and some day I’ll be out in the trails of Texas off-roading in my jeep. Its old, wastes gas and leaks, but it keeps going and you have to admire something built in 1995 that refuses to give up. Do I consider myself a Jeeper? Yes, yes I do and I’ll Jeep-Wave to anyone one in a wrangler, but all know JK’s hardly wave back LOL.

So like the homepage says, “come on in”. Maybe we’ll have similar interests.